Small White Sage Smudge "Bundle"

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The Sacred smoke of White Sage has been used for centuries by Native Americans to dispel negative energy, purify, cleanse and spiritually protect your aura and your home.

Our White Sage products are harvested and bundled by various races including Native American and First Nations families. These families live in harmony with the earth. They love, cherish, protect and worship it.

Our White Sage is from the local region of California, usually Baja and Southern.

Our Californian White Sage is “wild crafted”. This means it is picked from naturally occurring growth.

The White Sage is not cultivated and there are no chemicals used on the Sage.

Our White Sage is visually inspected by Australian Customs and does NOT go through any treatments upon entry to Australia. By these standards, the White Sage is as organic as you can get.


Great for a one time use. Will do a small house, apartment or unit.

Approx Length 4" - 4.5".

Instructions included with product.